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Here, at SFIC, we are skilled in the art of creating custom soaps that include various scents, formulas and natural additives such as oils, butters  and exfoliates We offer 17 different types of stocked  soap bases along with the ability to customize our bases, modify our formulas and add your additives at no cost.
Customizing your soap from private label soap manufacturers has several benefits:

  • Custom Packaging: SFIC can package your soap bar in your preferred packaging with your label, cases pack, custom box, wrap, even special touches like tags etc.  We have the ability to even hand package for the handmade in the USA touch. 
  • Personalization: When you decide to take the customized route, you open up the door of possibility. With custom soaps, you can choose your color, shape, size fragrance, essential oils, exfoliates, butters, and other additives.  Your perfect soap creation brought to life by SFIC.
  • Natural soap for sensitive skin and detergent free: Perhaps you or a family member suffers from a skin condition that requires fragrance and color free soap? If so, SFIC has exactly what you need. By customizing your soap, you’ll know exactly what’s going in it, thus reducing the risk of skin irritants, breakouts or allergic reactions.   SFIC manufactures natural soap with natural additives or just plain clear or white soap without color or fragrance.  Our soaps are perfect for the base of your creation or to be used by those with chemical sensitivities.  Add in natural additives such as Shea butter, goat’s milk, oatmeal and other additives to a natural soap bar and you have a luxurious bathing experience.

 With SFIC Custom soap creation you can have a soap bar match your other bath items in style, color, fragrance, oils, butters and more.  Our highest quality soaps will be a wonderful addition to your line and keep customer coming back to have more!

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