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Those that create their own custom soaps can order what they need here at SFIC. Whether you prefer a soap block or work with liquid soap, you can order everything here. Contact us for custom orders or if you have questions.

We have 18 types of melt and pour bases, ready for your distinct touches. Create exfoliating soap bars with a Goat’s Milk soap base or add colors and aromatic essential oils for specialty spa soaps. We offer melt and pour soap base in cut ups, tubs and 1 lb wrapped soap blocks. We have those too—you’ll find honey soap, aloe vera, oatmeal, and so many more options.

Not sure exactly what you want? Just getting started? We offer Sample Packs for both our soap bases and our liquid options. You can conveniently and affordably order a test size of each of the 17 soap bases or the eight different liquids to get a hands-on experience with each. Note that these Sample Packs are restricted to one time only per new customer.

Create a natural soap bar with your own touch with our soap base options. Or choose from our private label soap manufacturers for custom soaps that are among the most luxurious soap available on the market today. Check out sale items here or browse the site to learn more about us, view a list of additives and fragrances, or get a custom quote.

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